Enrollment Requirements

Students may not enroll in adult education while under suspension or expulsion from another school. Students under remainder of the year expulsion may not enroll until July of the next school year. Students under permanent expulsion may not enroll for 1 calendar year from the date of expulsion. Active students who are awaiting trial for a criminal offense may not attend classes until their case(s) are resolved. The Director of the Anderson Adult Education Center 3, 4, & 5 reserves the right to limit or prohibit the attendance and/or enrollment of any student who is disruptive or potentially dangerous to staff or other students.
All students are required to pre-register prior to attending the Orientation.
All students are required to attend an Orientation session prior to enrollment.
Anderson Adult Education 3, 4, & 5 does not discriminate in admission or access to its education programs, nor in the treatment of its applicants for employment, nor in any of its programs and activities, nor does it use any other unlawful criteria such as age, race, sex, disability, religion, or national origin in its dealings with employees, students, or the general public.